Saturday, July 13, 2019


I love reading, as I have said in this blog before. One of my favorite days is sitting at the beach reading a good book! I was in a book club for thirteen years.  I really enjoyed discussing different books with different types of people. I did get tired of having to read other peoples book suggestions. Especially if I was not interested in that particular genre or topic.  Book groups do get you out of your normal type of reading, but still may be books you have no interest in whatso ever. I also liked the camaraderie of talking with other women. The only downside of this for me was wen we had very different opinions about a particular book.  Although differing opinions is also a plus, to see things from a different point of view as another person.  After so many years my book club dissolved.  We all grew older, as well as our children.  Some moved and many of us just moved on, including traveling more.  In any case I really enjoy just reading what I want now.  I may still look for a new book group in the future, but for now I follow web sites like ‘good reads’, and ‘New York Times’ best seller list. I also get great suggestions from friends.  I plan on letting,  whoever is reading this blog, know some of the books I loved, or have just liked.  Giving brief reviews, and descriptions, of some.  There is also a couple of links, including one for kindle on my site now to make it very easy for anyone to get that particular book, if you are interested. I just LOVE reading, and think it is a great past time. I also love to learn and grow with each read.  I am particularly a fan of historic fiction, so you really get a great story, plus great real historic information. I read about many different countries and laces right here in America! Hope you enjoy them as much as me! Stay tuned to my next blog entry for my newest read!
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Friday, July 12, 2019

Here they come again

Hot flashes! Yes that is a who,e sentence, and those in the know ,know what it totally means! After ten years I seem to have gotten my hot flashes back, for some reason? I have had them off and on pretty much the whole ten years.  They just recently started getting a bit worse again.  So once again ESTROVEN to the rescue.  I really like it, it helps, plus it is all natural.  Basically black cohosh, which I have also taken alone before for this same thing.  It helped but just for a few months, similar to maca root, and bee pollen.  Each works pretty well, but after a while of taken loose some efficacy, I suppose, and stop working.  ESTROVEN is one of my favorite go twos.  So here we go again.  I take the nighttime ESTROVEN, it has melatonin in it so it has the added benefit of helping you sleep.  They have a few different types on the shelves, this is the only one I have ever used.  I take it right before bed because it really does help make me sleepy.  So here we go again, hopefully it will still help! Fingers crossed. 
On another note, I am still on my 100 sit up challenge.  I think it may be helping my stomachs and waist area a bit. I still have at least t so weeks to go!  I am also up to 150 sit ups a day!😀
If anyone out there has any reason my hot flashes have started up, yet again, please let me know!!!
I wonder if they will ever be gone?

Monday, July 8, 2019


Do you have any past times, or hobbies that you enjoy? It is always a good idea to have something in particular that you are interested in doing, besides work. I enjoy many things, walking on the beach, or just walking anywhere in general, swimming, riding a bicycle.  All these things , as you would know if you are reading my blog, I incorporate into my daily exercise routines.  Along with these activities I also enjoy playing a tile game called mahjongg, I play cards, black jack, poker, and gin rummy. I play chess, not well, and I do not love it, but I play.  I also love to read a good book.  One of my all time favorite things to do is read a good book at the beach, or beside a pool.  I do this quite often in my down time, throughout the week.  All of these things make me happy, and add something extra and fun to my life.  I think it is very important to have something other than work for yourself to do.
I also like volunteering for different groups.  I have helped a local organization in my community with a non profit market and food pantry they have.  I have helped in the offices of Habitat for Humanity. A couple of years ago I began volunteering and making earrings for cancer patients.  We make beautiful earrings both out of new and re-used beads/jewelry.  We then package them and hang them on little trees at different cancer/chemo centers throughout my state and a few others.  I do this weekly.  It both gets me out, and enjoying the company of other wonderful women, as well as let’s me feel good about giving back somehow.  This is also very important in maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle.  It also lets you meet new people, that may, or may not, become good friends. This is very important for everyone, but especially for us older women, who may not have as many friends, or things to do, as when we where younger.  When we where younger we may have had friends, as well as things to do, from our children, and their friends, or activities.  Neighborhood friends, that come and go.  Life changes and it is wise to change with it.  Make new adventures for yourself, do and learn new things.  It is fun,  and a great way to enjoy your time as you get older, or whenever. It is an important part of life, and a very important part of my live-it lifestyle.  I tried many different volunteer places till I found something’s I really liked.  Same with exercise, try different things till you find something you enjoy.  Then, as they say, there is nothing to it, but to DO it! ENJOY!
P.S. I will have some great ideas for books I have read and enjoyed on my sidebar.  You can easily click to buy.😉
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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Hello again

Hello again, everyone, anyone, who is reading my blog.  First thank you for reading my blog, second please subscribe or comment so I know you are out there.  I would love to hear from anyone.  How is everyone doing? I am great, I have been at the beach this past Fourth of July week, resting, reading, and of course exercising a bit everyday. I love to walk, and sometimes jog, along the beach. I have been swimming a bit, and riding my beach bike a few miles a couple days.  I just love it all.  It has been very hot where I live , but the few miles of exercise I get makes me feel good.  The fresh air doesn’t hurt, either.  I have been sleeping great this week, I must say!  Hope you all had a fun Fourth, and still tried to eat right and exercise daily.  I have been having deserts every night, which I try not to do most weeks. Oops. 
On another note, my complaining about my expanding waste has brought about a month long challenge, from my youngest daughter.  She swears that if you do 100 sit ups for a month my stomach WILL go down!  Well we will see, I have taken that challenge and will let you all know the results.  It has been pretty difficult.  My stomachs has hurt a bit, which surprised me.  I thought it was already In pretty good shape, muscle wise?! Well apparently not,  I have been doing one hundred sit ups for a little over a week now and it does seem to be getting a bit easier.  Do I see a difference in my stomachs yet, NO.  So I will let you know what I think of the results of this, sort of, torture, challenge at the end of the month.
Do you ever challenge yourself? With what do you challenge yourself? I sure hope you do. Life is more interesting when you take on a challenge.  It may even be better after you take on your challenge and get some results you wanted, or expected, after your challenge is complete! 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Love yourself

Its really that simple as love yourself.  Anyway you are, you are the only you.  We have great movies that are always telling us that.  I just watched a funny one, Isn’t it Romantic.  There are many that all gave the same conclusion, love yourself first.  We shouldn’t find it so difficult, yet we often do.  I feel it is getting better now with diversity we are seeing everywhere.  A lovely lady in a wheelchair won a Tony award for the play Oklahoma she stars in! There are mixed race couples, in movies and in commercials.  There are gay people in everything, movies, tv, commercials.  There is large and small people starring in movies and television shows.  This diversity of different types of people is great news for us all.  No longer are only pretty or handsome white, thin, or in good shape, people everywhere.  I think this is a great accomplishment for society, in general, and can help us all just love ourselves exactly as we are. Of course, you don’t have to just rely on media to tell you to feel good about yourself, but any little help to see ourselves out there helps.  I love that everyone is much more inclusive of everyone now.  This didn’t particularly help me love myself.  I am lucky enough to have been born this way, I suppose.  I always want the best of everything for myself, and thankfully get it.  I am a very big believer in, if you think it , it will be.  I have taught all of my children this as well, and am happy to report they all believe in a universal awareness.They all first and foremost love themselves, think positively, and put out into the universe what they want in life.  I know not everyone’s life circumstances are ideal, or positive, but if you can rise above and love yourself,  no matter what , you will be happier and want more for yourself,  guaranteed ! Try it, see what happens in your life.  Please let me know some ways you love yourself.  
On another note. I would love some feedback on this blog site.  Please join in the conversations! You can comment at the end of any article.  Also on the sidebar, either you are directly looking at, or that you can pull down from the top three lines next to the name of this blog, you can enter your email to get daily subscription of my blog.  Please do! I wanted this blog to be about all of us, with all our insights and opinions! 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Middle Age Spread?

Middle age spread, is it true?  Can it be true? It sure seems so to me.  Anyone have any information or help on this particular subject?  It seems no matter what I do, like exercise and eat as best I can, I seem to keep spreading in my middle!  I just don’t know what to do, or how to stop it.  I have read it is genetics that make women, in particular, gain weight as we age.  Believe it or not we supposedly put on weight as we age for survival.  Well thank you, no thank you! I would prefer not.  I have, thankfully, maintained my weight since menopause. I did gain about ten pounds in the past ten years or so, and it has stayed that way.  No matter what I eat or how I exercise, that ten pounds looks like it is here to stay.  Of course if I were to starve myself it might come off, but I am not going to be doing that... EVER! It is fine, I have been blessed with a speedy metabolism my whole life so 10 pounds isn’t awful.  It is just that the majority of it happens to be in my middle section. 
An apple shape just so happens to run in my family, which probably does not help the matter. In any case lately, I have been noticing an actual sort of spreading if my middle. Pants have become tighter. I have not so much gained more weight, but my middle just seems to be stretching out width wise? I also do notice most (not all) older women I see are rather large in the stomachs area.  Older men are also not exempt from this phenomenon, as I have also seen. However; in this post, I am talking about being an older woman in particular. My question: Is this just inevitable?
While I recognize I am lucky to have the weight and figure I have, I am just noticing that stomach and spread that just won’t seem to go away. Anyone know if there is a way to stop this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know there are hot fads right now like freezing your fat and plastic surgery to help, I just don’t think I am interested in going that far. Maybe I will just learn to live and love it.....this will bring me to my next blog.  Stay tuned!

Friday, June 28, 2019


What do you eat? Along with a great exercise program, whether it be walking, biking, swimming, or whatever it is you like to do, eating right is ,obviously, an important part of any live-it lifestyle. Eating well does not have to include complicated or difficult to make meals.  It can be complicated if that is your thing, but you can also eat healthy very easily.  If you put as much ‘whole’ foods in your body as you can you will be much better off. Whole Foods are simply foods right from the earth, all natural.  Fruit, vegetables, meats-without antibiotics and not processed etc.  Any type of food that does not contain any additives or hormones or added extra chemicals. If you try and eat as much of these as you can you are on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Eating as healthy as possible is what I try and do.  Don’t get me wrong I am not always successful in this, I love  cake, ice cream, goodies in general. It’s not always easy, but my point is just try.  Do the best you can, like any exercise program, anything good you can do for yourself in a day, is good for yourself! 
For lunch, almost each day I love to make my own yogurt and fruit.  I use pure Greek yogurt, no sugar added, with nuts, berries, a little honey, and cinnamon-because I like the taste of it, and it is good for your body as an anti inflammatory. This all together taste like a delicious ice cream treat, to me! What could be better? You, are obviously decide what is best for you to eat.  An apple a day really is super good for you. An apple is a great treat in the middle of the day. This is a very easy recipe to put together, and very good for you.  It also happens to be very low in calories. I make a big bowl of this and I believe it is around 150 calories, or so.  
You make choices in what to eat each day, try and choose wisely to stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can. The added benefit of eating Whole Foods is you will not gain as much weight as you do with processed foods.  
Think delicious and nutritious, there are a million different recipes out there on our wonderful internet now, so it is easier than ever to eat well. There is no excuse to not try! What kind of Whole Foods do you like? Let me know. Shown are some pics of my lunch, as well as a picture of my 32oz water bottle that I drink at least two of a day plus some 8 oz glasses. Most of all ENJOY! Enjoy every day, it is a gift, treat it as such!


I love reading, as I have said in this blog before. One of my favorite days is sitting at the beach reading a good book! I was in a book clu...